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Brian and Angie are married! (teaser)

Brian and Angie — Silly, sweet, and oh so in love! Their gorgeous wedding at Palmdale Estates in Fremont was beyond fun. I always love to see friends and family coming together to put on a wedding. Just to name a few of the efforts, the boys all helped hang lanterns and the girls did the floral arrangements. The result was stunning. We are so happy for them!

LOVE this one!


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Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

Today Geoff and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it has already been three years! So much has happened and changed in our lives throughout this time and it still amazes me that this is the life we are living. I’m so thankful for such a wonderful, thoughtful, and supportive husband, business partner, and friend. I always tell brides that it’s true, you don’t feel very different the day after you get married. It takes time to understand what it is to be a spouse. It’s a learning process that never ends and we enjoy every minute of it!

Photo by Sarah Maren Photographers

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!!


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Pat and Liz are married! (teaser)

Get ready for a lovely little teaser from last weekend’s wedding of Pat and Liz! Here’s a couple that perfectly combines easygoingness, charm, awesome sense of style and complete and utter adoration for each other. Their wedding at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA was completely beautiful and so much FUN. We cannot wait to share even more gorgeous photos!


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Michael and Kjerstin’s no-mirror wedding

We are super excited to share Michael and Kjerstin’s wedding today! As you may remember from their teaser post, about 6 months before the wedding was to take place, Kjerstin started a project where should would not look at herself in a mirror for one full year. That’s right, not even on her wedding day. You can read about the project on her blog, Well, we weren’t the only ones documenting the wedding as we photographed alongside ABC’s TV cameras. Kjerstin’s no-mirrors project is being featured in an episode 20/20 airing tonight!

Project aside, the wedding day was really a beautiful one. The setting was the gorgeous grounds of Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA.

When the girls arrived to the bridal suite, the bridesmaids hurried to cover all the mirrors in the room.

Kjerstin wore her “something blue” on her cute little toes!

Although she went the entire day without a look at herself, you could tell she felt amazing.

While the girls were getting ready, the boys were upstairs, busy having a good time of their own.

A groomsmen enjoyed the view…

Just love this one of the bridesmaids helping Kjerstin walk to see Michael for the first time.

My favorite faces are always during the first look when the bride and groom get to see each other.

After a quick photo session, it was time to get married!

Talk about a beautiful view.

Right before the ceremony, Kjerstin’s dad still hadn’t quite finished getting ready. He couldn’t figure out how to tie his bow tie! About 8 people tried to help him tie it, but no one succeeded.

So they settled on a regular tie instead!

In lieu of a favor, each of those small manilla envelopes contained a chip, with which the guests were prompted to pick one of three charities that Michael and Kjerstin would make a donation to.

After dinner, Michael and Kjerstin went around the reception and toasted each table. One of the tables toasted them with…an actual piece of toast!

Their first dance was to “I’ll be Your Mirror”.

It was one crazy party!

Congratulations again to Michael and Kjerstin! You don’t need a mirror to see how in love these two were. (Yes, yes, I couldn’t help the cheesy pun.)


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Mike and Rachel are married! (teaser)

Dear, wonderful Mike and Rachel…how we have enjoyed getting to know these two over the past several months. They celebrated with friends and family at their low-key Oak Farm wedding with lots of homegrown touches. They both put a ton of work in to creating this beautiful affair, but I’ve got to hand it to Mike, who, when we arrived, was hand-arranging centerpieces from flowers grown in their own garden. Among many other things, he also made the boutonnieres and designed all of their stationery too! More photos to come soon!


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Mike and Rebecca are married! (teaser)

Mike and Rachel’s wedding day was one that started out blazing hot, ended with lighting striking across the night sky, and filled with love, joy and fun everywhere in between. These two are a completely perfect pair and we could not have been happier to have been a part of their wedding. We are so excited to share more gorgeous images from the day!


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Greg and Melinda are married (teaser)

Yay for Greg and Melinda! They put together one the awesomest robot-infused weddings of all time! These two right here are so flippin’ perfect for each other it’s not even funny. We were so happy to have been a part of their day.

So sweet!

And in case you were wondering…the robot heads did make an appearance…


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Chris and Mabel are married! (teaser)

Last weekend was Chris and Mabel’s wedding with a touch of vintage and mexican flair! From the classic cars to the papel picado to just being downright stylish, it was an amazing day. We are super excited to share everything, including the super fun invitations we designed for them! Stay tuned!


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Lance and Leslee are married! (teaser)

We recently had the pleasure of traveling to Ashland, Oregon to photograph the wedding of Lance and Leslee. We hadn’t actually met before the wedding day, but wow, was this a fun-loving couple! We had so much fun getting to know them and capturing their day!

And I couldn’t help not sharing a couple of the details! Lance and Leslee had know each other for a very long time and it seemed as if this happy day would never come. So appropriately, flying pigs were definitely present at this wedding!