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Leif and Gina are married! (teaser)

I don’t think we could BE more excited to share Leif and Gina’s wedding and amazing story! We’ve really gotten to work a lot with this fantastic couple and thus gotten to know them really well. From the tear-jerking choir rendition of “The Book of Love” after the ceremony, to the library themed reception, their wedding day was a great celebration that any book-nerd would love! SO SO excited to share more, including their awesome book-inspired design we created and wedding film! Coming soon!

Okay, seriously, how ADORABLE are these two?!


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John and Laura are married (teaser)

Genuine, kind, and sweet are just a few of the words we’d use to describe John and Laura. Spending more time with them at their wedding only reinforced how much we absolutely love being around these two wonderful individuals. Their wedding was a carefree and relaxed day that could not have been better! I thought it would be fun to start off their teaser with an awesome reaction from John at their first look…perfect!

With a gorgeous bride like Laura how could you NOT go slack-jawed? Seriously could have photographed her all day.

More gorgeousness to come!


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Bryon and Tracy are married! (teaser)

Congratulations to Bryon and Tracy! We had the absolute pleasure of being a part of their Los Gatos backyard wedding celebration. We just adored everyone we got to meet that day–it was truly a coming together of wonderful friends and family to throw one amazing party. We can’t wait to share their full story!


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Ted and Suzanne’s cooking engagement session

Ted and Suzanne share a huge passion for food, cooking and family. For their engagement session, what could be more perfect than some time in the kitchen, making some good eats together? The culinary-loving couple decided to whip up some favorite finger foods of theirs. We started at Ted’s parents kitchen. They all still live really close to each in Land Park. In fact, Ted and Suzanne live next to Ted’s sister down the street.

Don’t they look YUMMY? I’m not gonna lie and say we didn’t get to indulge in their delicious creations. SO good!

After our cooking session, we headed to nearby William Land Park. Ted and Suzanne each have a park bench dedicated to their grandparents. Family really is such a special thing for these two. These next two pictures are taken at each bench, which both have a special plaque in memory of their grandparents.

I will say we could not get enough of how they made each other laugh. It was seriously beyond cute every time. Ted was always being goofy, making faces, and having fun.

While Suzanne could not stop laughing.

We are beyond excited to see both these smiling faces again in October! Thank you so much for sharing your love, your family, and your story with us.


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Christopher and Nicole are married! (teaser)

Christopher and Nicole’s wedding will go down in Goodness history as the one with the funnest group of guests ever! We seriously had SO MUCH FUN! Christopher and Nicole themselves were so filled with joy, you couldn’t help but have an amazing time. We can’t wait to share more from the day, including the colorful invitations and more we designed for them. Congrats you two!!


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Elijah and Rebecca’s geeky napa engagement session

Elijah and Rebecca are ready for a life full of adventures together. Their relationship actually started before Rebecca even knew they were dating. She introduced Elijah to her one true love…Star Wars. They stayed up late together to watch the entire saga over a few nights together. Elijah was in it to win it those nights, and he certainly won Rebecca’s heart. Elijah though, is a true romantic. So much so that their wedding venue was picked out and booked before he even asked Rebecca for her hand in marriage. Where you ask? Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como, Italy. It’s the same place that Anakin and PadmГ© were married in Star Wars: Episode II. Elijah has been more than willing to embrace Rebecca’s other true love in life. Needless to say, we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with them!

Elijah and Rebecca both work with with special needs kids and specialize in working with kids with Autism. They love Elijah so much that some of them call him Superman. That is where this first picture comes from!

Before the session, Rebecca and Elijah worked together to draw the sidewalk artwork and place the fluffy clouds on the ground.

I wonder who this keychain belongs to…

Then we were then off to the grounds of Chandon in Yountville, CA to capture a few beautiful images. It’s one of their favorite places to go together. They have done the Napa Valley wine train, and toured many of the different wineries together on weekends off. They love to go places together!

We could not get enough of the adorable faces these two make at one another. They could not stop laughing and having fun with each other. You could easily see that they were made for each other.

After Chandon, we headed up the road a bit to this beautiful lavender field. It felt very European; a great homage to their future wedding location!

Then it was time to showcase Rebecca’s love for all things Star Wars. They were quick to bring out the light sabers as we walked along the same railroad tracks they had once traveled down, enjoyng Napa’s beautiful vistas. This time though, they had the force with them…

Since Rebecca had the light side Elijah knew that for just once he had to embrace his dark side. Both armed with their light sabers a small battle ensued.

After a quick pause in their dual we stopped for a classic shot.

Since ending the session without photos in a vineyard would have been terrible, we quickly headed into a nearby domaine. With Rebecca all dressed up Elijah chose to bare it all, even in the frigid wind, for a couple photos. These two are adorable and to die for. They made a cold evening a bit…steamy.

Elijah and Rebecca, thank you again for choosing us to be a part of your love story. We could not have been happier to capture a small piece of your amazing adventure together!