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Tia and Braden are married! (teaser)

We just loved shooting Tia and Braden’s quirky alternative wedding! They had so, so many personal details, including the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses that Tia’s mother made, a chemistry unity ceremony, the cake that Tia herself made, even cute little buttons with cartoon Tia and Braden’s on them! It began with a picnic in the park and ended with friends and family swing dancing the night away at Midtown Stomp. Such a uniquely personal way to celebrate the love of two awesome people!

The entire bridal party wore different converse. So colorful!

How stinkin’ cute are these buttons of Braden, Tia and their cat?!

The bridal party posed with chemistry-related cardboard cutouts.

During our portrait session, we stopped for a few twirls in front of Midtown Stomp, where the wedding partied later on that evening.

Getting married can be pretty tiring! So we made a stop at Temple Coffee for a quick java jolt and a few minutes of relaxation. What is Tia holding for Braden?

A cute little straw-paper heart! (which I may or may not have inadvertently thrown away as trash. 🙁 I know, I suck.)

Congratulations to Tia and Braden, for doing their own thing in such an awesome way! More photos to come soon!


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Allison and Anthony’s solar eclipse engagement session in the park

A little over a week ago we had the pleasure of photographing Allison and Anthony. None of us really realized it until that day, but their engagement was scheduled during the solar eclipse! So we got to play with some cool light, and crazy awesome shadows!

One of Allison and Anthony’s favorite things to do is hang out in McKinley park with their dog Filibuster (aka Phil), and roam the streets of East Sacramento, picking out their dream house. Here’s Phil! Such a cutie, though not too keen on holding still for a photo!

Ok, I’ll admit I love this photo because of Phil’s expression. “I love my family and life is GOOD.”

We stopped by Allison and Anthony’s house for a quick wardrobe change and made sure to take some photos in front.

We went back to McKinley park to get some last photos in the awesome sunset light.

Fun fact: Anthony had read something in a book, how when it was first built, McKinely Park had these two rows of palm trees running through the park diagonally, from one end to the other. It stuck in his mind so much, he even had a dream about taking their engagement photos with the palm trees. So we made sure to do just that! Not all the palm trees are still there anymore, but you can still see them, all in a row.

Allison and Anthony we had so much fun with you two and we’re glad we got to experience the solar eclipse with you! We cannot wait for your wedding next year!