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Greg and Melinda’s Imagery Winery engagement session (with robots!)

Greg and Melinda are one fun and quirky couple! Fun fact: when they came over for our first consultation I KNEW I knew her but neither of us could put our fingers on it. Over the next hour we figured out that we hung out as kids at company picnics together because our dads worked for the same company! Small world! Anywhoo, we took their engagement photos at Imagery Winery, which is SUCH a cool place! Melinda’s mom works there too! The place has this great art theme to it; it even has it’s own art gallery feature the artwork from all of it’s wine bottle labels.

Greg and Melinda were not sure what we would think about their “props” for the next photo…

Are you kidding me!? So cool! And Greg MADE THEM. They were the one little thing that he wanted to be a part of the wedding.

I could not get enough of them! Can’t wait for them to make an appearance at the wedding!

This one just cracks me up!

One more of their cute faces! They are just so in love…