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Chris and Brandi’s birthday engagement session at Folsom Lake

That is right folks, there was a birthday involved. Brandi was very excited to schedule her engagement session on her birthday, so we decided to bring her a little cupcake to celebrate! We were so excited to start the afternoon with Chris and Brandi at their favorite place to be at in the summer, Folsom Lake. Even with a year without a lot of rain there was plenty of water at the lake. We started our session in this gorgeous grove of trees.

Seeing these two in this beautiful sunlight was too cute, they could not stop smiling.

We quickly headed over to their favorite spot at Folsom Lake, Doton’s Point. It is where they love to hangout on the beach, go for a swim, and just have fun with friends. When we drove up we saw this beautiful bunch of purple flowers. Brandi kept spotting purple flowers all day, and now there were tons!

Oh Brandi and Chris, the start of your birthday celebration ended with such an amazing sunset. These two left us with smiles across our faces. We all drove away down the same road all giddy with emotion. We could not believe the amazing time we had.

Thank you Chris and Brandi!

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Eric and Camay’s surprise proposal and engagement session

Eric and Camay’s story is a little bit out of the ordinary, but that is why we like it so much. You see, Camay contacted me a little while ago about photographing her wedding later this year. Her fiance, Eric is a Major in the Army and was deployed in Afganistan. The twist was that while they were already planning the wedding with a date and venue booked, Eric had never technically proposed! Unfortunately the ring was not ready before Eric left overseas and therefore, he never got the opportunity to officially pop the question to Camay. Immediately after they officially booked us for photography, and unbeknownst to Camay, Eric emailed me about something special he was planning.

Eric was coming home for a couple weeks and didn’t tell Camay he was coming back a couple days early. He’d organized to have his and Camay’s families and some close friends to gather at the Citizen Hotel room he’d booked. She was going to drop off her bags before “picking up Eric from the airport”. When she arrived, and went to go check out the balcony, she got a huge surprise! There was Eric, surrounded by loved ones, with a big bouquet of roses and a ring in his hand. Eric had us there to photograph the whole thing. It was awesome and so emotional! We also filmed the event and put together a cute video which we are excited to share here!

[vimeo video_id=”40993627″ width=”850″ height=”478″ title=”Yes” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”c9ff23″]

Aren’t they adorable!? It still makes me all teary. πŸ™‚ We feel so lucky to have been a part of this special moment. On to the photos!

The suite was filled with all the people Eric and Camay love best.

When Camay walked out onto the balcony, she saw Geoff and I first, crouched down with cameras pointed at her. She looked very confused (we’d actually never met in person before, so I’m sure it was strange to see us there) and said “Hi” to us.

THEN she looked to the right and…


Lots and lots of happy tears.

Camay jokingly thinks a second before she says YES!

In addition to a champagne toast, Eric’s mom shared some delicious chocolates which is an Armenian tradition for an engagement.

Being silly showing off the ring.

So pretty!

Camay changed and we quickly took some photos of this extremely happy couple.

They were so giddy!

After the proposal, Eric and Camay took off on a romantic, relaxing trip to Monterrey. (jealous!) We did an official engagement session with them upon their return. We met up with them at Ancil Hoffman Park in Sacramento, where Camay used to work, so it had a lot of special meaning.

I can’t believe I had never been to this park before! It is absolutely beautiful!

We even made a furry friend or two.

Le sigh…

Eric and Camay, we cannot thank you enough for choosing us to be a part of something so special in your lives. It has been wonderful so far getting to know you both and we are beyond stoked for the wedding!


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Neal and Traci are married! (teaser)

Congratulations to Neal and Traci who were married at The Vizcaya Pavillion last weekend! It was a beautiful warm sunny Sunday and Neal and Traci were so relaxed and easygoing, they made the whole day a joy for everyone. They are just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and we could not have been happier to capture their wedding day!

P.S. They had the BEST wedding cake I’ve had in my LIFE made especially by Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates where Traci works. Seriously, it haunts my dreams with its chocolatey goodness.


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Steve and Kimber’s Scrabble vineyard wedding

Steve and Kimber, what a fun couple! When we met with them we knew they were going to be a lot of fun! We loved getting to learn all about them and their love for one of the greatest games of all-time, Scrabble! Their wedding at Wilson Vineyard included the game plus many funny and heartwarming touches.

Kimber’s mom helped her get ready. She took this photo of Kimber’s “bridezilla” face!

Kimber could not be more FAR from a bridezilla! This picture is very telling of her sweet, relaxed nature.

Getting ready for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to stop watching the game!

Steve is HILARIOUS! He kept us entertained all day. πŸ™‚

Steve and Kimber so awesomely decided to do a first look. What better way to greet your groom than with a booty grab!?

After some photo-taking, it was ceremony time!

We just posted all of the Scrabble-themed design we did for them including these programs! It was great to see them in action!

Kimber and her dad pulled up to the ceremony to make their grand entrance from this awesome car!

Lots of teary eyes!

Steve had all the guests cracking up.

Steve and Kimber did an amazing job personalizing their wedding and incorporating their LOVE of Scrabble everywhere they could!

Steve and Kimber took the monogram we created for their invitations and used it to create these wine glass favors for the guests.

Scrabble tiles adorned the tables.

The newlyweds danced their way in for the grand entrance.

I think someone had a cake overload.

Steve and Kimber, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day!

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Wilson Vineyard
Florist | Cameron Park Florist
Officiant | Cindie Wilding
Catering | TLC Catering
DJ/Entertainment | Supernatural Soundz
Ceremony Musician | Quinn Hedges
Photo Booth | The Shot Spot by The Goodness!Π’Β 

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Steve & Kimber’s Scrabble wedding design

I’m so excited to share this wedding from last year! One thing I absolutely love about this design is how it came to be. Steve and Kimber approached me about doing their Save the Date and Wedding Invitations, and Kimber send me over some design ideas and inspiration. I gave her a call and told her the ideas wereΠ’Β nice, but didn’t really say very much about them as a couple or their wedding. So they thought about it a little while longer and then I got an email that went something to the tune of, “What about Scrabble?” Steve and Kimber are Scrabble fans. HUGE scrabble fans. So much so that their friends make fun of them for bringing a Scrabble travel set with them EVERYWHERE. They have “fights” about Scrabble. They even played Scrabble the night that Steve proposed. So the wheels were set in motion for some awesome Scrabble-themed wedding invitations and save the dates!

The first piece we designed was of course the Save the Date!

The photo we used for the front of the post card was actually taken by me on my dining room table! I brought out my vintage Scrabble game and set up this scene. These are really cool in person; the cards have a matte finish and spot UV over the tiles!

I LOVE the back just as much!

The “K S” was used as their monogram throughout the suite and on their wedding favors too.

Steve and Kimber were thrilled with the save the dates and just as excited as I was to incorporate the design into the invitations.

The invitation itself was designed to look like the game board with Steve and Kimber’s names written out in Scrabble tiles.

We designed a map to let guests know where to party and where to sleep!

Love this little detail on the RSVP.

To top it all off, we created a Scrabble wedding program!

Stay tuned to see the wedding photos and to see how Steve and Kimber incorporated Scrabble into their amazing wedding day!


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Mike and Rachel’s Mt. Tam hiking engagement session

If you were not out here in Northern California you may have missed out on a stormy several days about a week ago. However, the weekend ended with one of the most beautiful days in a while. We headed to Stinson beach to meet Mike and Rachel for their engagement session. They had the idea to take some of the photos at the very spot where Mike proposed, at the end of a hike up Mt. Tam.

“We love to hold hands,” Mike and Rachel told us.

Coupla goofballs! But that’s why we like them. πŸ™‚

Mike and Rachel did forewarn us there would be a bit of a hike…

Luckily they took it easy on us. They made sure we stuck to the trail. We saw many beautiful things and a 20 min hike to the top to get some photos became a few hours of exploring, laughing and capturing these two re-live the hike they took on the day Mike asked Rachel that very important question.

When we did finally get to the top, well, it was breathtaking…

Goofballs I tell ya!!

Fun fact: We ran into this turkey on the hike back who was showing off for the ladies….ooooo yeahh…

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Matt and Jovana are married! (teaser)

During the drive over to Matt and Jovana’s wedding at Arden Hills, it poured down rain and it was cold and windy. We got there, the rain stopped right on cue, and the sun started to shine and it didn’t rain again until long after they were partying into the night. I love how days just work out like that. πŸ™‚

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Angel and Melissa’s Land Park Engagement Session

We had a great time getting know Angel and Melissa last week at their engagement session! These two are one fun-loving couple! They met in VEGAS, would you expect anything less? πŸ™‚ We took their engagement photos in William Land Park which is just a few blocks from where they live and a place they like to hang out on a blanket in the sun. Ooooh, that sounds kinda awesome right now.

Our next stop was to their home where Melissa requested a couple photos with their newly-bloomed Calla Lilies.

We even made a new friend!

To sum things up we headed to one of their favorite areas in midtown.

To end the night we stopped at Azul, a favorite go-to spot for drinks. Hello, Tequila! It’s no guess that we loved the bright colors in there. πŸ™‚