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Dave and Katrina’s pretty Presidio engagement session

Whoooo! You are in for a doozy of an engagement session! Dave and Katrina are getting married at the San Francisco city hall later this year (so excited!) so an engagement session in the City was a natural choice. There are soooo many pretty photos! Dave and Katrina are just about the most adorable couple you’ve ever seen and photographing them was a real treat. We shot most of the session in and around the Presidio of San Francisco. It was GORGEOUS!

Come on now, how cute are they?!

We headed out of the park and into the surrounding neighborhood. My goodness, the houses were amazing!

Dave only had one request for the session…

Off we went to the nearby beach for a romantic sunset!

Just beautiful!

Dave and Katrina, we had a blast with you in SF! We know the wedding will be no different!

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Matt and Asia’s playground engagement session

Geoff and I have known Matt for a few years now, since we met during our time working for Apple. He’s a self-proclamed geek and a total game lover. When he met Asia and we learned that she shared his love for video games and all things nerdy, we knew he could not have found a more perfect mate. What is even cooler is how Matt proposed to Asia — at a Minecraft Convention! If you have a minute you should check out the video of the proposal, it is so sweet and nerdy!

В  В 

We asked Matt and Asia about places that were close the their heart to do their engagement session. Immediately, Matt told us about a park where they’d spent a lot of time together and had even drawn a picture on the playground equipment (vandals!! hehe) anthropomorphizing themselves as dinosaurs. He went on to tell us about a field nearby with stairs that lead to nowhere. This place sounded awesome! So we met up with them at the park and they went right off in search of the drawing. It was still there!

And hello, Asia? Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous!? Matt picked this little bunch of flowers for her…aww.

They couldn’t stop giggling like school kids.

After the park, we headed off to those stairs that lead to nowhere. This place was so cool! Weird abandoned architecture, a huge field filled with spring green grass, crazy tree branches, and a random patch of wild daffodils, what more could you ask for?

To finish up our session we walked over to the nearby levee for some awesome sunset shots.

If you thought a Minecraft marriage proposal was cool, just wait for the wedding! Matt and Asia told us about all of their amazing Minecraft decor ideas and we cannot WAIT for the wedding! Congratulations you two!


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Luis and Lizeth’s Mexican flair Davis engagement session

We have been having simply the BEST time working with Luis and Lizeth! We have loved getting to know them and learn all about how they are incorporating their heritage and personalities into their nuptials. Not only do we get to photograph their amazingly colorful, Mexican, Cinco de Mayo wedding, but we also got to design their super cute LoterГ­a save the dates, and we just finished up designing their papel picado wedding invations that are packed with fun and LOTS of color. I can’t wait until I get to share them with you all! Beyond all of that awesomeness, Luis and Lizeth are downright wonderful people. The kind of fun people you want to hang out all day with! For their engagement session, we headed to Davis, where they had their first date and spent a lot of good times during their relationship. It’s pretty crazy how we kept finding places to shoot that went along with the Mexican style, like this mission-style train station…

…or this “loco spot”!

Froggy’s was the location of Luis and Lizeth’s first date. 🙂

When we walked by this restaurant and saw the mural painted on the walls inside, I could have just died! It was perfect. They were awesome and let us take a few photos inside.

Lizeth and Luis keep these colorful flowers in their home and brought them along for the session. Love them!

Walking down the streets of adorable downtown Davis is one of Luis and Lizeth’s favorite things to do.

They even brought along these cute little mini string of papel picado! It made the perfect little touch!

Our last stop of the day was down the path to the Arboretum, a place where Luis and Lizeth would take a stroll at the end of the day.

Luis and Lizeth, we are so, so excited to party with you on Cinco de Mayo!!

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Neal and Traci’s downtown Sacramento engagement session

Last week we had the pleasure of photographing Neal and Traci’s engagement session in downtown Sacramento. We got to learn about some of their favorite places they like to go as a couple, which was wonderful. Let me tell you that these two were just a couple balls of laughter! The adorable expressions they made at each other all evening were infectious! This first photo I spontaneously snapped as we were walking off to our first photo spot. Right then and there I knew were were in for a good time!

Neal, why are you wiping off Traci’s kiss!?

These two love to walk around downtown together, taking in all the Sacramento sights.

Their first date was at the Crest Theatre. I’ll never say no to shooting in front of the Crest! So pretty!

Next we headed over to Old Sacramento. The Firehouse is where Neal proposed to Traci. 🙂

We ended the evening with a beautiful sunset over the river.

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Matt and Jovana’s San Francisco engagement session

Matt and Jovana chose to hold their engagement session in the beautiful San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden. It was the very place where where Matt asked Jovana to be his wife. They showed up for their session wearing coordinating Boston Red Sox t-shirts, a hommage to the city where Matt is from and where they met.

Next we went to the beach for sunset. Matt and Jovana loved to hang out near the beach on their visits to San Francisco. It was windy and frrrreeeeezing but Matt and Jovana were troopers.

Thanks Matt and Jovana! We had such a wonderful time with you two! We can’t wait for your wedding at the end of the month!


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Clint and Kayla’s almond orchard engagement session

One of the first things Clint ant Kayla asked us before we had even met them was if we could schedule their engagement session to coincide with the blooming almond orchards. What we learned when we met them was that Clint’s family has owned these almond orchards for 5 or 6 (but who’s counting!) generations. Almonds are pretty much in his blood. When we asked them what kind of things they like to do together, it was pretty clear that they spend a good amount of their lives on that farm, and hanging out with family. I absolutely love that we were able to photograph their engagement photos there. First of all, it is gorgeous, but secondly, there is SO much meaning there. Clint gave us the grand tour and told us lots of stories about all the locations and the equipment and his experiences being an almond farmer. It was incredible. We are so happy to share a little bit of their story here.

Clint’s truck is also very important to them! I love this shot, and how the truck looks ridiculously oversized. Trust us, it was huge!

We finished up in the part of the property that Clint called “the graveyard”. It was filled with old tractors, equipment, random parts, gigantic tires, chopped almond wood and more. Clint and Kayla told us that fixing up this mini John Deere was a top priority once they have a little one on the way. 🙂