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Happy Halloween from The Goodness!

Last night was so amazingly fun and awesome! My birthday is in a couple days and in all the years I’ve had a birthday near Halloween I have never had a Halloween birthday party. Well, we put an end to that this year! We are suuuuuuuper busy all the time and we don’t get to entertain often, so when we do, we go all out! I has so much fun planning the party, decorating and making treats. We had lots of friends, yummy food, made by Geoff (my personal culinary genius), a costume contest, played games, and we set up our photo booth The Shot Spot! and Here are some photos of the decorations and pics from the party!

Creating this dessert table was one of my favorite parts! I made the cupcakes, but the cake is from Freeport Bakery (THE BEST).

In the pumpkin is Pumkin Pie Dip. Such a hit, sssssooooo yummy. I will be making this for Thanksgiving.

BRAAAAIIIINSSSS! They were really tasty.

In the living room I was going for a haunted house look.

My sister drew me the skeletons in the frame and the “moon” is a lantern from Ikea!

Evil photo.

Covering everything in spiderwebs was a must.

Our mantle, done up Halloween style! The creepy dolls were a Goodwill find.

Our old camera collection fit right in with the decor.

Love these!

One of the best parts of the party was having the Shot Spot set up! We all had way too much fun taking photos. Check out all the costumes—our guests BROUGHT IT! The first one is us, based on one of my favorite childhood movies, Pippi Longstocking! I was Pippi, Geoff was her horse, Alfonzo, Charlie was her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and Little Dog was a banana.

Star Wars family, the Joker and Harley Quinn, double rainbow with unicorns, and Flint Lockwood (LOVE that movie!) with the Queen of Hearts.

Ryan (sad with no costume), Saints player with Ellie from Up, Barmaid with an A’s player, and a Kinko’s employee with a gypsy and a baby pirate.

Dorothy and the Tinman (and their baby was a scarecrow, so cute!), Holy Crap, a sheriff, and a convict with a doctor.

Barmaids, Belle with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Superman with a mermaid, and a zombie bride and groom.

Me and my three sisters!

My friends Brit and Tim, who recently got engaged in Disneyland. Adorable.

Here are some more pics from the party!

We we had a costume contest and finished things up with my FAVORITE party game, “Names in a Hat”. Seriously, if you have never played this before it is the BEST! So much fun!

This is me trying to get my team to guess Jim Carrey…

Thank you everyone who made the party SO FUN! Thanks to my sisters for helping put up all the decorations and thanks to Geoff for making the food! Oh and I owe it to Pinterest for helping me find so many great ideas! My actual birthday is on Wednesday and I plan on having a Pixar movie marathon and scrapbooking. yay! Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe out there!

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Dana and Kim are married! (teaser)

Dana and Kim are two of the most amazing women you’ll meet. Kind, sweet, funny and so strongly bonded to each other. We felt truly honored to be a part of their wedding last weekend at Mulvaney’s Building and Loan in Downtown Sacramento. It was a fantastic celebration of such a simple and powerful thing: LOVE. They simply radiated happiness all day. I’m so excited to share all of the photos and tell the story of the day…coming soon! Including their amazing rustic wedding invitation, programs and escort cards we created for them. Congratulations Dana and Kim!

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Mike and Rebecca’s Auburn engagement session

There are so many things to love about this job. One of my favorite is going to little nooks and crannies of the surrounding area that I might not have ever seen. Like Auburn, which happens to be Rebecca’s home town. Such a cute place! For Mike and Rebecca’s engagement session, we photographed them in adorable Old Town and finished up along the GORGEOUS American river. Mike and Rebecca are so playful and fun, we had a blast photographing them in all their love and silliness. πŸ™‚

One of the places we stopped at in Old Auburn was the cute wine bar where they enjoyed spending time. Love these photos!

We walked all over town while Mike and Rebecca showed us some of their favorite spots, like this park.

Auburn’s City Hall is so beautiful!

Then it was time for some nature shots! We got so show Mike and Rebecca this amazing horseshoe tree we spotted earlier. Love it!

Then we traveled down the road to the American River where the light was so pretty!

I like these next two photos because you get to see my shot vs. Geoff’s shot. I love how we complement each other when we are shooting. πŸ™‚

Playing in the water!

It was SO PRETTY at the river! I think we could have photographed Mike and Rebecca there all day!

Congratulations on your engagement Mike and Rebecca! We had a ton of fun with you two and we know the wedding will be no different!

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Pat and Liz’s San Francisco engagement session

We had so, so, so, much fun with Pat and Liz at their engagement session! They live in San Francisco near the Palace of Fine Arts, so we loved that we were getting to photograph them in their neighborhood. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day paired with a very happy and cute couple!

Pat and Liz were so giddy for each other!


After some good times at the Palace of Fine Arts, we headed around the neighborhood for a bit.

We finished things up at Crissy Field and the beach for an unbelievable beautiful sunset.

Pat and Liz you two were great! We had so much fun and we cannot wait for the wedding in August!

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Mark and Doris are married! (teaser)

I think the best word to describe Mark and Doris is ADORABLE. Their wedding was exactly that! There was tons of help from friends and family to create a beautiful event with lots of cute details and LOTS of love. I’m swooning a little bit over the whole thing. πŸ™‚ These teasers are some of my favorites! More to come!

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Brad and Michaela’s colorful, casual vintage wedding

Brad and Michaela’s wedding was so perfectly casual, beautiful and so perfectly THEM! We had a wonderful time and each and every stage of the day. You could really tell so much heart was put in to every aspect. We also had a blast designing their wedding invitations which you can check out here! Our day began at a bridesmaid’s house where Michaela and the girls were getting ready.

Brad and the boys met up with us at the house where Brad and Michaela had their first look before heading out for the day! Geoff took some photos of the handsome Brad before he saw his bride.

It’s the funniest thing…I tend to think some of our brides or grooms resemble celebrites. πŸ™‚ Anyone else think Brad looks like Bradley Cooper? They are both super good looking!

After the first look, everyone piled into the limo and headed to Old Sacramento for our portrait session. One of the places we stopped into was a candy store. How “sweet”! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

It just so happened that it was Time Traveler’s weekend in Old Sac so there were people in Gold Rush costumes everywhere. Awesome moment of the day…we were taking photos near the Old Eagle Theatre and they pulled us in and invited us on the stage to take some photos. They even presented some champagne to the happy couple.

The whole bridal party even got to join them on stage!

Then Geoff and I split up to photograph the guys and the girls.

Michela gifted these handmade rings to her bridesmaids. So cute!

Michaela was such a happy bride! She looked absolutely beautiful.

Geoff got to have some fun with the guys too!

After an awesome portrait session in Old Sac, we all headed over to Mulvaney’s to get these two hitched!

One of the unique things about getting married at Mulvaney’s Building and Loan is that the ceremony is literally standing room only, which I think is really cool! All of your guests get to stand up with you while you marry the one you love. πŸ™‚

After the ceremony, we headed out for a few more portraits of the newlyweds. Brad and Michael actually live very close to the venue which made it so we actually got to shoot in their home on their wedding day! I LOVED that!

I was loving all the cute details at the reception. Everything had a handmade touch and there was lots of color!

I am such a sucker for patterned bunting!

I love how the bridal party “borrowed” props from theΠ’Β Shot Spot for their grand entrance!

The cute little monogram we designed for their Shot Shot folders!

I gave myself a little pat on the back for this next ring shot. That takes a steady hand!

Such memorable toasts!

The bridesmaids gave Brad bicycle-related items to help him remember to be a good hubby to Michaela! It was so funny!

Okay, how adorable is the cake they cut? The guest enjoyed yummy rich chocolate mini-cakes.

Congratulations Brad and Michaela! Your wedding was as adorable as the two of you! Thank you for choosing us to share it with you!

Ceremony and Reception Venue, Catering and Cake | Mulvaney’s Building and Loan
Florist | Bella Bloom
DJ/Entertainment |
DJ Mikey on the Mic
Bridal Hair | Spanish Fly Hair Garage
Makeup | Lush Salon
Wedding Gown | Made by KimΠ²Π‚β„’s Couture
Photo Booth | The Shot Spot by The Goodness
Invitation Design | The Goodness

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Brad and Michaela’s bold and fun vintage wedding invitations!

I’m excited to share another invitation design we did for one of our summer weddings – Brad and Michaela! The style of their wedding was SO adorable, wedding photos will be coming up next! For their wedding invitations, Brad and Michaela were looking for something casual, vintage-looking with a touch of rustic. I love the western-style, bold look of the typography paired with the red and white polka dots.

Michael tied all of the inner components with red and white baker’s twine, a very cute touch!

A rustic map to help the guests find their way downtown!

Brad and Michaela even ordered folders for their Shot Spot and we printed them with a cute matching monogram on the front and date on the inside!

Stay tuned for their wedding photographs!

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Steve and Jessica are married! (teaser)

We were lucky enough to photograph two weddings at Forest House Lodge last weekend and they were both so amazing! Steve and Jessica were married last Sunday and we simply adore them. They are both so smart, funny and kind, not to mention one super handsome couple! Here are a few photos from their portrait session. So many more images of the day to come!

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Chad and Yvonne are married! (teaser)

Here are a few teasers from’s latest success story, Chad and Yvonne! Seriously, they could not be more perfectly matched and thier wedding up at Forest House Lodge was such a fun celebration of their love. I laughed, I cried, it was a wonderful night! Soooo excited to tell you all about it!

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Michael and Kjerstin are married! (teaser)

We are so happy for Michael and Kjerstin! Since we first met them at their rainy engagement session in San Francisco, we knew they were going to be awesome to work with. They are both so easy-going and have the best attidutes. And so much fun to photograph! What is even cooler, is six months ago, Kjerstin decided not to look at herself in mirrors or photos for a whole year. Her blog, documents her experiences with the project and talks about what it has been like planning their wedding and getting married without mirrors. I think it is so admirable! You should definitely check it out! This post has a few more pictures than a normal teaser – since Kjerstin isn’t looking at her wedding photos until the project is over in another six months, we thought it would be nice to include some photos she CAN see. Enjoy! More to come!

The bridesmaids were trying to figure out how to cover up the mirrors.

Paper towels and tape did the trick!

Thomas Fogarty Winery was beautiful!

We do have a few photos of Michael and Kjerstin to share! They both looked amazing!

And we couldn’t resist posting this one…