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Mike and Melissa’s colorful and beyond-awesome Foresthill wedding

Mike and Melissa…where do I even begin?! When Geoff and I met them, we knew Mike and Melissa were people we’d love. Over the course of the past oh, year and a half, together we’ve fallen in love with frozen yogurt, experienced the ending of LOST, both purchased our first homes, and gotten MARRIED! We think Mike and Melissa are the bee’s knees and had SO much fun not only working with them on their wedding design (which you must check out!) but being a part of their wedding day as photographers. I’m so excited to post their amazingly colorful and fun wedding! There was so much love, laughter, and liveliness flying about throughout the day.

Mike and Melissa held the wedding at the lovely Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA. Check out some of Melissa’s cute details. Her wedding gown was a custom design, handmade by Carole Kenney Design, and it suited her so well. I love the detail of the little flowers on the sash.

The little ring bowl from Paloma’s Nest has lyrics from The Wedding Singer, one of their favorite movies. The movie was a prominent theme of the wedding.

Our favorite florist, Brandi of Party Petals did an AMAZING job on the flowers throughout the wedding. I especially love the pops of yellow on the girls’ bouquets.

See the little cake? While she was getting ready, the bakers at Forest House Lodge brought Melissa a mini version of the top tier of their wedding cake! The rainbow colored layers are just too much!

How much do I love Melissa? Yup, a lot.

Easily my favorite bridesmaid photo! Melissa and her posse.

Mike is one of the coolest guys we know. He’s a guitarist, a singer and even has his own wedding band, The Hits. Seriously, you need to check them out! Geoff was at the lodge with Mike and his guys as they got ready.

This one cracks me up.

For their groomsman gifts, Mike gave them a handpicked bottle of booze. Finally, something to fill all those gift flasks! Bravo, Mike.

Muy Guapo, Mike!

Rockin’ the cowboy boots. Nice touch.

Then it was time for Mike and Melissa to see each other. I definitely shed a tear or two, they were both so sweet and emotional.

Love, love, love, love, love.

It is impossible not to love Forest House Lodge’s ceremony site.

Awww Melissa…

They had one of the best ceremonies I’ve witnessed in a while. From starting out with the line, “Mawwiage is what bwings us togethaw today”, to the best man singing and playing “The Luckiest”, to the countless movie references, to the recessional back down the aisle to Star Wars, it was the definition of personal. Laughter and tears all around.

I am in love with this photo. I feel like they are in an enchanted forest right out of a fairytale.

Reception and party time! This wedding busting with adorably amazing details. There were so many cute personal touches everywhere. One of my favorites was the tables named after famous couples like Ariel and Prince Eric, Miss Piggy and Kermit, Ross and Rachel, Lucy and Desi, and, in true LOST fan form, Penny and Desmond.

The seating chart poster was designed by me. I love the way it came out and fit in with their invitation design.

Melissa’s mom sewed all of the quilted mats under the centerpieces. She even made M&M tags on each one!

Mike and Melissa Mad Libs!

Their signature drinks were an Oreo Martini and Cherry Limeade. Yummy!

Mike surprised Melissa with a serenade from the Wedding Singer. The bridal party all joined in to sing backup and shake maracas!

Isn’t the cake topper from Etsy seller Lollipop Workshop the freakin’ cutest things you have ever seen?! I know we are already married, but I am seriously considering getting one of these just to put in my house.

Mike and Melissa look kind of scared.

Hello, rainbow layered cake! I think all wedding cakes should be this pretty inside.

Mike and Melissa, words cannot even begin to describe how thankful we are that you chose us and how lucky we feel to call you friends. You are THE coolest couple and your wedding was nothing short of radical amazingness! We know you are in for a long and happy marriage full of love and laughter. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Forest House Lodge
Florist | Party Petals
Catering | Forest House Lodge
Cake | Forest House Lodge
Ceremony Musician | Quinn Hedges
Bridal Hair | Sara Presley
Bridal Makeup | Ashley Thornhill
Photobooth | The Shot Spot by The Goodness!

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Mike and Melissa’s vintage-rad wedding design

I am SO super excited to share Mike and Melissa’s awesome wedding design! It has been such a journey working on all of this together with them and we could not be happier with the outcome. I loved getting to see everything come together at the wedding too! When they contacted me with their ideas for the design, I was immediately excited. Mike and Melissa wanted a vintage-looking design with a touch of modern edgy-ness while incorporating their colors of magenta and grey.

The Save the Date was the first piece we designed. We took inspiration from vintage carnival and show posters when going through the design process to make this adorable postcard Save the Date.

The back of the postcard has lyrics from The Wedding Singer, one of Mike and Melissa’s all time favorite movies. What is even cuter is that Mike is in a wedding band himself!

Next up was the wedding invitation. We jumped on the coattails of the Save the Dates to further incorporate the vintage theme. I am so in LOVE with how these turned out. Easily one of my favorite invitation suites! It consisted of three flat-printed cards: the invitation, information card and RSVP postcard. The pink candy striped envelope liners and vintage stamps were icing on the cake. Here is the full suite.

Melissa wrapped the components up in grey and white baker’s twine. The adorable die-cut mailing labels we found were PERFECT!

Invitation and envelope front.

Information card.

RSVP Postcard.

Mike and Melissa ordered one of our guestbooks, so of course, we incorporated the design into the book. It was such a hit at the wedding!

We even had their wedding logo on these cute photo folders that were handed out to hold the Shot Spot prints.

Another thing I designed for the wedding was the seating chart poster. Mike and Melissa used famous couples as the table names. Such a cute idea!

This wasn’t the only way Mike and Melissa incorporated the design elements into the wedding day. Check out some of the other little touches. They used the font from their invitations and the logo to make this cute mailbox for the gift table.

Love the photo frame with the Save the Date and invitation!

Even more incorporating the typeface. Way adorable.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Thank You card. These beauties will be hitting mailboxes very soon. Mike and Melissa wanted to incorporate their wedding photos into their thank you’s. The inside even has a photo from their Shot Spot!

I had SO much fun designing all of this for Mike and Melissa! They brought some awesome ideas to the table and did a FANTASTIC job incorporating the design into the wedding, which is exactly what using The Goodness for your wedding design is all about! Want to learn more about wedding invitation design? Check out our design rates page and contact us if you are interested.

Oh, and you simply MUST come back tomorrow to see all of the wedding photos! There was cuteness galore!

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Bhen and Theresa are married! (teaser)

Congratulations to Bhen and Theresa who married this past weekend at the Church of the Presentation in Stockton, CA. We photographed the day’s festivities, and had a wonderful time. More photos to come soon!

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Michael and Lauren, the newlyweds. (teaser)

In honor of their recent nuptials, Michael and Lauren contacted us to do a couples photo session. We went to the sleepy little Delta town of Courtland, CA where we dashed around to an abandoned courthouse, awesome fields, pear orchards and even the waterfront. We had a wonderful time and Lauren and Michael could not have been sweeter. I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos from the session.

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The Bardots in New England!

We recently traveled to Massachusetts to photograph Chris and Shannon’s wedding, (click here to see their awesome teaser!) and took a couple days to explore New England a little bit. Our first stop was to the wonderful city of Boston, MA.

Brave little squirrel at Boston Commons.

We spent the day following the Freedom Trail all over Boston. We loved getting to see and learn about all the historical events that happened there.

One of my favorite stops was the Granary Burying Ground, where some famous early americans are buried, like John Hancock, Paul Revere and even Mother Goose. Yeah, she was a real person! I loved the artwork on the tombstones. The skull and wings signified the soul flying up to heaven.

Paul Revere and Mother Goose!

Love the juxtaposition of old and new.

Hot nuts!

HELLOOOO giant mac and cheese noodle! Why, yes, I do love you.

We stopped in for a drink and some delicious oysters at the Union Oyster House — the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S.

The lobsters put on a show!

“One if by land, two if by sea.” This is the steeple of Old North Church, where the signal lanterns were hung.

We thought this was funny. This is the Skinny House, which is the narrowest house in Boston. It is said that the house was built out of spite to block the neighbor’s light and air.

So, Geoff and I have both never experienced cannolis before, so we heard the two best bakeries in Boston were Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry. So we of course had to try both!

MMMMMM…SO good! It was our conclusion that Mike’s had the best pastry and Modern had the best filling.

What trip to Boston would be complete without a stop to Cheers?

Beautiful Boston! Geoff and I loved it there, what a great city!

The next day we hopped in our rental car and drove up to Kennebunkport, Maine.

One of our goals was to fill up on lobstah while we were there. These lobster rolls from The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport were amazing!


Check out the amazing sunset! To be honest, it was such a trip to see the sun setting over land instead of the ocean. I do love west coast sunsets, but this was so lovely!

Yummy!For dinner we dined on chowdah…

…and LOBSTAH! This was my first time eating a WHOLE lobster and this 2 pounder was amazing!! We were so full…

It’s okay to play with your food. 🙂

One of my life goals is to visit New England in Autumn to see the fall colors. I was so happy we were able to drive all over Maine doing just that! It wasn’t QUITE peak season, but it was still beautiful.

After all that fun, we had an AMAZING time photographing Chris and Shannon’s wedding! Stay tuned for those photos!

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Chris and Shannon, married in Massachusetts! (teaser)

We recently made a trip to Massachusetts to photograph Chris and Shannon’s wedding and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I officially love the east coast. They married at the Fruitlands Museum just outside of Boston, MA, and I could not image a more perfect place for a fall time wedding. Just look and the beautiful colors in the photo we captured below. I couldn’t BE more excited to share this wedding with you, dear readers. Coming soon!

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Matt and Caitlin’s sweet Auburn hills wedding

Matt and Caitlin are just downright wonderful people. We had an amazing time photographing their wedding not too long ago. They held the day at Redmond Reserve, an adorable estate in Auburn, CA.

Isn’t Caitlin stunning? Her J. Crew dress was simply perfect on her.

Matt’s wedding suit definitely deserves some special attention. It is a custom tailored suit by the fantastic R. Douglas Custom Clothier. Guys, if you are looking for something amazing to wear on your wedding day, check this guy out!

I love the little bulldog cufflinks.

After getting ready, we kicked things off with Matt and Caitlin’s first look.

After a couple photos with the bridal party, it was time to get married! Matt and Caitlin incorporated some beautiful florals into the wedding day. I love the look of the multicolored wild flowers. And how cute is that bird house?

The also had us make a guestbook for them using their adorable engagement photos.

This is it right here. They were so happy and excited to be married.

The girls noticing the cute “Matt loves Caitlin” detail sewed into Matt’s suit. Priceless face.

LOVE the honey favors! Aren’t they cute?

We brought the Shot Spot to the wedding and the guests were having a blast!

Matt’s best man gave a very touching speech.

The girls had us yell out a random animal for them to act like. Tiger maybe?

We pulled the newlyweds over for some yummy sunset photos. Love these so much.

Party time!

Matt and Caitlin, thank you SO much for choosing us to be a part of your magnificent wedding day. You two are some of the coolest people we know and we had and awesome time getting to know you. We’ll have to set up a snowboarding date this winter!

Click here to view a selection of Matt and Caitlin’s wedding photos

Click here for full, password protected gallery and to order prints

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Bhen and Theresa’s Oak Grove Park engagement session

Bhen and Theresa are from Stockton so we met up with them at Oak Grove Park for their engagement session. They have a three year old son Inigo so it was only fitting that he be a part of the photos as well! These three were a treat to photograph. They are all so sweet.

Here they were trying to get Inigo to show us his dancing moves!

Dreamy romantic sparkly light!

We even had a little fun at the park.

What an adorable family! We had so much fun with them and are super excited about their wedding coming up in only a week and a half!

Click here t0 see all of Bhen and Theresa’s engagement photos and to order prints

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Josh and Kelly are married! (teaser)

Geoff and I are so lucky to have been able to photograph the wedding of two of my favorite people—Josh and Kelly! They married last weekend at the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, and it was INCREDIBLE! There was so much love and emotion (not to mention FUN) flying around, it was almost too much to handle. Here are a couple (I couldn’t pick just one, so sue me) of little teaser photos, you’ll definitely want to come back to see the rest!


John and Katie are engaged! (teaser and we are out of the office!)

John and Katie are a riot! We met up with them in adorable downtown Walnut Creek for their engagement session and had SO much fun! I am head over heels for the photo below. There are so many more great photos I want to post, but enjoy this teaser for now!

We also want to say that we are off to Boston, MA to photograph Chris and Shannon’s wedding on 10-10-10 and could not be more excited! Sorry if we are a bit slow in responding to phone calls and emails during this time. We’ll be back in action next week!