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Wedding rental fun!

I’m sure you’ve probably seen the post about my DIY wedding dress. Geoff and I are getting married in 89 days (woah) and I thought it would be fun to share these last few months of wedding planning. So come back often to see the progress of putting together our wedding shindig!

This weekend we went with our wedding coordinator, Ursula of Pleasant Events, to get our rentals figured out. We went to Classic Party Rentals in Natomas and had such a great experience there! I had so much fun picking things out. They have an awesome showroom where you can play with all the different linens, plates, cups, chairs—they’ve got it all. (BTW no one pays me to say these things, I just love to share a great experience!)

Our color scheme is green, orange, and yellow with splashes of dark brown, pink and a smidge of blue. (When they say wedding colors, I say ALL of them!) Here is what we came up with:

I am soooo excited about the outcome! Aren’t those forks cool!? The green under the plate is my own fabric. I want to make simple place mats out of fun green patterned fabrics, like the ones in the photo below.

You can also see the faux version of the flowers we want for the wedding, Poppies and Ranunculus. Emily at Classic Party rentals was super helpful. Thanks! We also went to Mimi & Co who specialize in linens and chair covers. Oh my goodness do they have some fancy linens! So many colors and fabrics! If you are looking for something extra special, check them out.

This is so cute I just had to share. For lunch that day we went to Mr. Pickles and look at how they labeled our sandwiches! Adorable!

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The Great Wedding Dress Project.

As some of you may know Geoff and I are also engaged and getting married this August! Yay! So, to all my brides out there, if you ever want to talk wedding, I am down! Anywhoo, anyone who knows me well (or even a little bit) knows that I adore making stuff and am one crafty little devil. That’s the reason why we are going the DIY route for most of our wedding stuff including…(fanfare) da, da, da! The Dress! So far it has been a labor of love that I have been working on for the past 6 months. It’s not done yet, but I thought I’d do a little write-up on the process. (Sorry this will be a long post!)

It all started with my inspiration – the tea/cocktail length, natural waisted, fifties-style party dress. I knew I wanted something fun and and I looooooove the retro stylings of fifties fashion. I drew inspiration from an amazing dressmaker, Dolly Thicke of Dolly Couture. Then found and fell in love with this dress by designer Elie Saab.

Can we say SWOON?! I loved the lines and shape and set out on a mission to make a similar dress with my own flair.

I also stumbled across this dress:

Wowza. I instantly loved the idea of the multicolored petticoat and knew this would be a part of my dress as well. (images by the talented Aaron Delesie)

So work started in January with some practice mockups. (Very rough, and excuse the messy backgrounds). I am pretty much creating the whole thing without a pattern, aside from the built in corset.

Here I figured out that I want a gathered skirt, not a circle skirt as pictured above.

Trying to figure out the gathers on the bodice.

A practice petticoat.

After making and adjusting the corset top about 3-4 times I had my custom pattern pieces that fit me like a glove.

So, every gigantic project has to have a stupid mistake and here’s mine. I completed making the corset top and was ready to start adding the top layer of fabric that would become the gathers that crossed under the bust. So I’m pinning away into the corset, getting all my gathers in place and looking good. I’m ready to sew so I unpin everything and notice my dress form is wet. The substance is an unscented slippery goo. Thats when I realize the bust inserts I had use on the bodice were gel filled and I had been sticking about a million pins into them. Gel gunk is all over the inside of the corset. The bodice is ruined. My poor dress form is now oddly discolored. (see photo below)

I can only laugh at myself for being so dumb. BUT, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? The incident only gave me the opportunity to make and even BETTER bodice from scratch.

Bodice done-ish. Onto the skirt. I learned this really cool way of gathering fabric. Take a piece of string and use your longest, widest zig-zag stitch and sew over it. the just pull the string and viola! Instant gathers! This helps big time when you have over 5 yards of fabric to gather.

So after 6 months it’s finally starting to look like a dress! Here it is un-hemmed and way too long.

Here I pinned it up a bit. The length will me more along these lines.

I still have a lot to do. I might add some flowers to the hem and of course need to make the 10+ petticoats all in different colors, which will take a loooong time, but it’s coming along! I’ll post updates when I can. Three months from tomorrow we’ll be married!

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Christina and Brent’s rainy-day dancefest wedding!

I’m so happy to finally post Brent and Christina’s wedding photos! As you may know Christina is my oldest sister and I am so thrilled that she married the charming, caring, and comic-loving Brent. Not only were Geoff and I bestowed with the honor of photographing the event, but I was also a member of the bridal party! (busy day!) Geoff did an AMAZING job leading the wedding photography. I sure love him lots.

Christina’s day began with all of us getting prettied at Austin B. Morgan Salon in Elk Grove.

Sophia Gersalia of Mary Kay beautified our faces with her awesome cosmetic skills.

Then it was off to the Sacramento LDS temple in Folsom. It was so great to capture the moment of the newlyweds coming out of the temple doors as husband and wife for the first time.

As luck may have it, Mother Nature decided to plop the last rainy weekend of the season right on their wedding day. Well, that just gave us an excuse to buy 9 funky umbrellas and have fun in the rain!

We stopped by Brent’s parent’s farm (the original location of the reception before bad weather news) and were able to capture some fabulous photos out in the field.

This crazy couple kicked off the reception with an impeccably choreographed first dance that had the crowd going wild!

Christina always said that the one thing she wanted people to do at her wedding was dance…and they DID! Matt Brys of Extreme Productions wasВ hilariouslyВ entertaining and knew how to keep the partying alive!

The couple ended the evening with a fantastic sparkling exit!

Congratulations again and welcome to our crazy family, Brent!

Click here to view a selection of images from Brent and Christina’s Wedding

Click here for full, password protected gallery. How might one access this gallery you say? Click here to find out how!

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John and Carlie engagement session teaser!

Here’s a little tease from John and Carlie’s Engagement session on Saturday. We had a ton of fun wandering around UC Davis. I can’t wait to share them all, more to come soon!

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Allan & Lacey’s Guestbook

I’m excited to share Allan & Lacey’s Engagement Session Guestbook! I always have so much fun making these for couples. Allan and Lacey’s wedding is coming up and the end of the month and Geoff and I are both so excited to be shooting the celebration of their marriage. Please enjoy some photos of their book!

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Brent & Christina are married…teaser!

My sister Christina and Brent were married on Saturday. Can I just say their wedding was a BLAST! Geoff and I had so much fun shooting and celebrating! Here’s a little teaser, many more fun and awesome photos to come! HUGE congratulations to you two! HopeВ you are having an amazing honeymoon!